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Travellers, in search of virgin islands and untouched beaches have been drawn to the Gili islands for decades. Perhaps to escape the chaotic crowds in central Bali, or perhaps they found an extraordinary paradise that surpasses Bali’s beaches.

InGili.com is your guide to ultimate paradise. We curate the best that the Gili islands has to offer. From Gili Meno’s untouched beaches and a rising upmarket social scene in Gili Air, to Gili Trawangan’s best restaurants and so much more. If you’re travelling to the paradise islands, we’ve got you covered.

Here, you’ll find essential Gili Travel Tips and travel stories from our Gili Insider. Plus, accommodation recommendations for every budget, and the low-down on what to do in the Gilis in the activities section. Or simply browse through our photo galleries  – you won’t believe a beautiful place like this exists.

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