How to get to the Gili islands from Lombok

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9 Responses

  1. Praveen Kumar says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I was planning to head back to Bangsal (I will be staying in Senggigi for the duration of my trip) as late as possible from Gili T.

    Do you know what time does the last boat depart Gili T for Bangsal? I know that the public ferry departs by 4PM, which is really early. Is there any way to depart Gili T at say after 6PM?


    Praveen Kumar

  2. Regina says:

    Hi! Thanks for your great advice. I’ve already booked my flights to Denpasar thinking of heading to Amed with my kids before going to the Gili’s…. But it’ll be January and I do want to miss the choppy seas if possible… So how do I get to Lombok from Denpasar (where we land)? Or should I just stick to the Amed plan?

  3. William K says:

    Last week we took the public boat (now 12,000 IDR) from Bangsal to Gili Air. Perhaps we were lucky but we pulled up anchor after less than a 5 minute wait. It definitely does not take two hours form harbor to harbor. It is more like 15 or 20 minutes. The public boat is similar to all the boats that the diving schools in the Gilis use. We were the only non-Indonesians on the boat but I suspect because most foreigners are brainwashed by people trying to sell them more expensive services to cover the same route.

  4. Fotini says:

    Hi william
    We would like to know at what time you take the public boat ?

  5. Els lau says:

    Hi, my flight arrive lombok airport around 7pm. Its possible i find the boat to gili trawangan? Please advise.

  6. Nurul Izzah says:

    Hi Els Lau,

    Kindly advise whether is there any possibilities to find a boat to Gili T after 7PM?
    My flight to Lombok arrives aprrox around 18:35 local time, just like yours.

  7. Gorge says:

    We look on
    Price 19$ , its one way or return tickets price?

  8. Biswa says:

    Are there any ferries available (between Lombok and Gili) late in the evening? Let say from 7-9 pm…..
    Almost all the flights from Singapore to Lombok are arriving late…..